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Founded in 1982, the South Inner City Community Development Association (SICCDA) is a community development organisation based in The Liberties in Dublin’s South Inner City. SICCDA, working with a board made up of local residents and other volunteers with particular expertise in areas such as finance, human resources and the law, along with volunteers from the local community, is committed to and actively involved in tackling the social, educational, health, economic, and environmental problems facing the community.


SICCDA’s mission is to help create and maintain a community where people feel valued, welcomed and useful.​​


Our aim is to ensure the social and economic development of The Liberties community. SICCDA understands social inclusion to be a planned process whereby people and communities are afforded opportunities to acquire the same status, power, and privileges that so many others in our society take for granted. SICCDA, in conjunction with local people, designs and initiates projects that cater for the social, economic, cultural, and educational needs of the broader community.


We support people in the community by providing information, advice, skills training, education support, and community services.



Board of Directors